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November 13, 2006

Consultants’ Report Released Today

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Jeffrey Trzeciak, McMaster University Librarian, released the Report from Consultants Peter Hausdorf and Karen Boa today.

Entitled “Stakeholder Review of the McMaster University Library Transformation Initiativethe report outlines 21 recommendations in the areas of Operations, Staffing, Teaching, Research and Partnerships.

From the Executive Summary:

“Successful organizational change can be linked to four key components:

  1. leadership and employee commitment
  2. stakeholder commitment
  3. financial and time resources
  4. excellent project execution.

The recommendations in this report reflect these key components. The Library should focus on the implementation of these recommendations within an integrated change management approach.The recommended change process for the McMaster Library can be summarized by three “p”s – pace, partnerships and pilots. The pace of change (i.e. how quickly changes are implemented) for different initiatives needs to consider the priorities of stakeholders (with some taking place quickly and others more slowly). A focus on partnerships will ensure that future changes strengthen these relationships to keep the Library relevant to the university community. Pilot refers to the use of pilot projects for new initiatives, which help to minimize risk and, when successful, support the change process.”

All library staff are invited to a Town Hall session with Jeff Trzeciak to review the
report’s recommendations, and to discuss process and general timelines for moving forward. The sessions will be held:

  • Monday November 20 3:30 – 5:00 pm (Convocation Hall)
  • Thursday November 23 9:30 – 11:00 am (Council Chambers – Gilmour Hall 111)

The Transformation Team


September 28, 2006

Transformation Consultants

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Consultants Peter Hausdorf and Karen Boa have been hired to work with the Transformation Team. They were selected because of their work in strategic human resources, and because Peter (the Lead Consultant) has a connection with McMaster. He received his PhD from the School of Business in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations

The consultants will:

  • provide advice to the Team on how to move through this process of organizational change
  • solicit input from library staff and users through a website (stay tuned) which they will pass on to the Team
  • interview approximately 20 key members of the McMaster University community
  • hold approximately 4 employee focus groups
  • work with the Transformation Team to submit a report to the University Librarian

More information on:
* the consulting company:
* Peter and Karen:

August 15, 2006

McMaster Libraries 2.0

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Libraries today are at the heart of unprecedented change.  This change is fueled primarily by new technologies, new resources and new services that were unimaginable as recently as three years ago.  Never before have the challenges we face been so exciting or the opportunities so great.   

Increasingly our organizations are being called upon to do more; do it more effectively and more efficiently; and do it in a way that distinguishes us from our competitors.  Successful organizations will be measured, in part, by our ability to adapt quickly to the changing needs and expectations of our users.  Adaptation will require a culture of risk-taking and innovation that encourages and rewards the radical rethinking of library resources and services  The McMaster University community is recognized for its ability to lead by reinterpreting/reinventing itself each generation based on long-standing traditions of creative thinking & innovation.  The recent hiring of a new University Librarian coupled with several librarian vacancies provides us with an opportunity to make some significant organizational changes to meet the needs of the 21st century academic library user. 

 – Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian, McMaster University –


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As you heard in the recent message from the President, the University and the library face budget challenges.  I saw his message as a positive!  It is our opportunity to make a case for the library.  Now is our chance!  Our campus community is aware of the difficulty we face in meeting their expectations.   

However, we must not sit idly by and hope for increased funding simply because ‘we are the library and we do good things’.  We need to think beyond where we are now to where we need to be as a 21st century library.  We must redefine ourselves to meet the needs of a changing clientele by identifying what functions must continue; the functions that are no longer necessary; and the new functions that we should start doing to meet our users’ needs. 

– Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian, McMaster University –

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