McMaster University Libraries: Transforming our Future

August 15, 2006


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As you heard in the recent message from the President, the University and the library face budget challenges.  I saw his message as a positive!  It is our opportunity to make a case for the library.  Now is our chance!  Our campus community is aware of the difficulty we face in meeting their expectations.   

However, we must not sit idly by and hope for increased funding simply because ‘we are the library and we do good things’.  We need to think beyond where we are now to where we need to be as a 21st century library.  We must redefine ourselves to meet the needs of a changing clientele by identifying what functions must continue; the functions that are no longer necessary; and the new functions that we should start doing to meet our users’ needs. 

– Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian, McMaster University –

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